what we do


We elaborate a large selection of traditional and creative patisserie, bonbons and refreshments and we also manage a chain of 7 coffee shops that offer comfortable and warm spaces, especially designed for degustation and relax. We also offer exclusive services such as home-delivered breakfasts, chocolate’s buffet, caterings, coffee breaks, wedding’s services, wedding cakes and cocktail weddings, communions and baptisms patisserie, children’s cakes and patisserie workshops, among others.           

Our offer includes the largest local patisserie collection that is currently commercialised at a local and international level: a delightful gourmet collection of traditional sweets, sauces and pâté, as well as marmalades, dressings, gel, milk cream, crystals and flavoured salts. Some of the appetising innovations of our company that have been highly successful are the goVINOlas and the already famous sweet cream of milk with gofio flour.

In our services and products stand out the blend of tradition and innovation, high quality standards and the freshness that is characteristic of our entirely artisanal production.     

We work every day valuing the confidence that the clients have placed in our company, and work hard keeping in mind that each taste and each morsel should bring about in every client a smile and a moment of pleasure.

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